GBT Belt Construction

Fabrics used in Global Belting Technologies utilize a blend of heavy duty polyester and nylon yarns which result in a belt with high tensile strength, good troughability and excellent fastener holding capabilities.  Tough polyester filament (warp) longitudinal yarns serve as the strength members.  Nylon transverse fill (weft) yarns lock the warp yarns in place, as well as provide the load support and mechanical fasteners holding capabilities.  The yarn crimp induced during the weaving process serves to absorb load impact shock permitting the fabric to deflect impact and to provide a cushioning effect during impact shock.

Low moisture absorption provides dimensional stability in wet or dry applications and is virtually resistant to mildew and rot.  Wet applications will not effect the belt.  Resistance to chemical, acid and alkaline environments allows the belting to be used in a wide range of industrial applications.  

The Belt Carcass maintains tension and supplies structural strength, resistance to stretch, flex fatigue and breakdown due to high speed flexing, as well as shouldering all the work in supporting and pulling the load. The carcass consists of multiple plies of rubber impregnated fabric, bonded together with friction and skim coats.  Low stretch properties of polyester warp fabrics reduce stretch allowing for shorter take-ups, require less run-in time and readjustment.

Rubber Skims are an extra layer(s) compounded between the plies that increases flex life and creates a more elastic link, to which the fabric anchors firmly, so that plies flex without separation.  Skim coats cushion the fabric plies and reduce punctures due to impact, as well as help protect against moisture.

Covers of natural or synthetic rubber are designed to protect the carcass from abrasion, impact, deterioration, water and other injurious influences.  The covers  are compounded to meet particular service conditions such as abrasion, oil, heat, fire, chemical resistance, antistatic, etc.  GBT provides premium quality compounds for all general purpose applications.  GBT conveyor belting is available with a broad range of rubber covers suitable for the conveyance of most materials under the most severe working conditions.