High Density Polyethylene Rollers
Global Belting Technologies is pleased to announce our newest product line - High Density Polyethylene Conveyor Rollers. Our HDPE rollers offer many advantages over traditional steel rollers in a variety of environmental condtions.

Conveyed material will adhere more readily to steel rollers and will create an uneven and imbalanced surface, resulting in improper belt tracking and conveyed substance spillage.

Also, steel rollers suffer from the adverse effects of rust and corrosion from high moisture/high humidity environments. This rust and corrosion lead to belt failure from damaged rollers. These negative effects force steel rollers to be replaced much sooner than HDPE rollers, resulting in more down time, less productivity and higher overall costs. HDPE rollers do not rust or corrode from use in or near wet conditions and therefore last longer than their steel counterparts.

HDPE Roller Characteristics & Features
  • High Density Material
  • Anti-Acidic / Anti-Alkaline
  • Anti-Static
  • Low Noise & Friction
  • Perfect Dynamic Balancing
  • 50% Lighter than Steel Rollers
  • Suitable for High Humidity and High Pollution Environments
  • Power Saving
  • Cost Saving
  • Recyclable
HDPE Roller Components
Our HDPE Roller Brochure is available in PDF format here.
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