Global Belting Technologies' Products
The Global Belting Technologies (GBT) line of conveyor belting offers one of the broadest product ranges in the industry. GBT Belting is manufactured to North American specifications, with absolute attention to and control on physical specifications, fabric designs and compound formulations. Our production partner facilities conform to ISO/QS 9001 or 9002 quality system requirements and all belting is independently inspected and tested, conforming to RMA, DIN, ASTM and ISO specifications (RMA, DIN 22162, ASTM D378 and ISO 252).
Plied Rubber Belting has been developed for a wide range of applications. A variety of available rubber cover compounds allow you to build the best belt for any application, whether it needs to be oil resistant, heat resistant, flame resistant, or cut & gouge resistant.
Straight-Warp Belts are tougher and stronger than conventional belts. Not easily damaged, they are the perfect choice for conveying heavy and/or large materials such as logs or crushed stone.
Chevron (Cleated) Belting is used to convey materials at angles which are too steep for smooth surface belts. The profile on these cleated belts prevents the conveyed material from slipping backwards down the conveyor.
Lightweight Rubber Belting is used in applications ranging from distribution centers to agricultural equipment and offers excellent tracking on short and long center conveyors.