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The Global Belting Technologies’ (GBT) principals have many years of technical, design and marketing expertise in both conveyor belt fabrics and conveyor belting. This manufacturing and marketing expertise has culminated into GBT providing a range of conveyor belting which is one of the broadest product ranges in the industry. This is accomplished by contracting the manufacturing to a select number of the best ISO 9000 approved factories around the world.  GBT belting is manufactured to North American specifications, with absolute attention to and control on physical specifications, fabric designs and compound formulations.  GBT often provides raw materials and contracts the assembly of the belting.  “Quality first” is our motto with all our production partner facilities conforming to ISO 9001 or 9002 quality system requirements. All belting supplied is independently inspected and tested and conforms to RMA, DIN, ASTM and ISO specifications (RMA, DIN 22162, ASTM D378 and ISO 252).

Global Belting Technologies provides full technical and marketing support.  Since GBT is not limited to a single factory or a limited product line, we can offer the “best” products for the application.  Custom made belting is normally available from our alliances for shipment within four weeks.  Large stocks of popular specifications and sizes are stocked in the GBT distribution warehouse system and are marketed by a select group of belting distributors.

Markets we serve include rock quarries, hard rock and soft mineral mines, sugar mills, cement works, foundries, brick works, smelters, paper and saw mills, electricity generation plants and many other types of industrial and mining operations.  Global Belting Technologies also serves distribution centers, package couriers and agricultural facilities.

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