Straight-Warp Belting

Straight-Warp carcasses are unlike other conventional plied belt carcasses. Parallel planes of heavyweight, high-strength yarns are locked together by a binder yarn which concentrates strength in both the length and width of the belt.

Straight-warp belts are tougher and stronger than conventional plied belts. They are not easily damaged in the conveying of heavy and/or large materials such as logs or crushed stone.


  • Exceptional resistance to abrasion, cutting and snagging
  • Impact resistance up to three times greater than conventional plied belts
  • Rip and tear resistance improved up to six times
  • Very low stretch

Manufacturing Capabilities
Manufactured in widths up to 84 inches wide, these belts are constructed using one or two plies and are available with a wide range of rubber covers. GBT's range of straight-warp belting is available in working strengths of 175 PIW to 550 PIW using a single ply carcass and 500 PIW to 1500 PIW using a dual ply carcass.

Our Single and Dual-Ply Data Sheets are available in PDF format here.