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Global Belting Technologies, Inc. offers a full range of conveyor belting for bulk material and unit handling for both heavyweight and lightweight applications. The GBT product line is available with a broad range of carcass designs, rubber compounds and cover configurations. Our belting is available in widths up to 84 inches and in virtually any compound and operating tension range. We custom build belting for your specific conveyor application.

The innovative expertise and broad experiences of Global Belting and its worldwide partners enable GBT to provide customers with the highest quality and performance belt for the customer's specific requirement. Our customers are not dependent upon product limitations as is often experienced when dealing with a single product line manufacturer. With the global sourcing network available to GBT, our customers can be assured of the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing.

Markets we serve include rock quarries, hard rock and soft mineral mines, sugar mills, cement works, foundries, brick works, smelters, paper and saw mills, power plants and many other types of industrial and mining operations. GBT also serves distribution centers, package handling couriers, airport baggage handling and security centers, paper conversion, food processing and agricultural facilities.

Global Belting Technologies

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