Lightweight Rubber Belting

Lightweight only in name, our Rubber Package Handling and Agricultural Belts pull a heavy workload! With a multitude of cover configurations, GBT Lightweight Rubber Belting is used in applications ranging from distribution centers to agricultural equipment. Our specialized weave designs result in belts that run "true," thus reducing maintenance and downtime expenses.

Global Belting Technologies' range of lightweight rubber conveyor belting is suitable for the following applications:

  • Package and Parcel Handling
  • Distribution Centers
  • Wood Products
  • Agricultural


  • Excellent tracking on short and long center conveyors
  • A high modulus balanced polyester carcass providing low stretch, excellent fastener retention and lower noise levels
  • A low coefficient of friction reducing motor power consumption
  • A range of cover profiles is available for a variety of applications

Manufacturing Capabilities
Our lightweight rubber product line is available with working strengths of 70 PIW to 340 PIW. The carcass is manufactured with either 2 or 3 plies and with a range of rubber covers. Belts can be manufactured in belt widths up to 84 inches wide.

Our Lightweight Rubber Data Sheet is available in PDF format here.
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